Darling it's you

Another one of my favorite-songs; in good company of some pretty summer-flowers in my kitchen!
Darling it's you
Help, I must find love once again
Someone more than a friend
Holding me tight, More than one night
Soothing the winters of my life

Please, Stay with me here by my side
Time is passin' us by
I will substain most of the pain
Something in your smile puts me throu

Darling it's You
I love, so madly
You know that it's You
I want so badly
It's really hard to find
A heaven of blue
Believe me now, when i say
Darling, it's You You

Stay, Rest a while here in my arms
I will leave you unharmed
In your dispair, I'll take good care
Something in your eyes says it's true

Lyrics: Gärdestad

5 kommentarer:

Petit Eyekiss sa...

Så romantiskt med alla söta blommor,och jag visste inte att Ted hade gjort en så fin text. Måste ta och kolla lite på You Tube.

Mitt hvite hus sa...

Vakre blomsterbilder..og nydelig snag..

Ønsker deg en fin søndga O=)

Katta sa...

Önskar dej en fin nationaldag, kram Katta

Elisa Day sa...

Vad vackra bilder! Och den texten har jag inte hört tidigare. Kram

Tammie Lee sa...

such a lovely post~