Saturday Shopping: Angelic

I've been working on a new collection lately: Angelic

I wanted to make fun, modern, religious and a bit kitschy jewelry.

So far I've made some earrings and brooches - here in hot pink with Madonna and Child charms.

Jewelry in my shop , and more shopping ideas on Zsazsazsu1963's blog

Jag har på sistone jobbat med en ny kollektion smycken: jag ville göra något kul, modernt, lite kitschigt, men med religiösa förtecken..Här har jag blandat Cerise med madonna-berlocker i örhängen och broch.

4 kommentarer:

cri-cri sa...

like the stones you use ...aragonite ?

zsazsazsu sa...

great choice of the collectionname in comparison to your name !

OnePerfectDay sa...

You definately achieved your goal.
I love the brooch!!
And I love the Renaissance Madonnas you've chosen.

Vida sa...