Saturday shopping: Flower Crochet

Lately I made some new combinations of crocheted flowers in matching colors. This one looks like icecream to me. Listed in my Etsy-shop

Today I'll spend my time as a 'supporter' at the soccer ground, and if I need to do some really good handmade shopping -I'll do it tonight at Etsy!! What's your plans for today?

More shopping ideas on Zsazsazsu1963's blog

4 kommentarer:

zsazsazsu sa...

I am at work today :-(((( untill, too bad because it is beautiful weather over here ! Hope you can enjoy nice weather too and eat and ice cream ;-)

Juanita Tortilla sa...

Neapolitan ice-cream!!!
mmm... Now I want ice-cream with this sunny weather! :)

OnePerfectDay sa...

Such pretty daisies!
Love the colours.
Today is such a glorious day, it should be spent by the sea, scavenging....

Mari sa...

Oh Ice-cream indeed...these are lovely!
I'm so hopeless with Crochet, I had a neighbor try to teach me these and she lost me at Hello!