Basket / Korg

Now I really need a new basket -to put all my yarn in..
Which one of these would you prefer? I can't stop think about the first one..it looks like a 'candy-store' to me!

INDISKA http://indiska.com/system/search/product.asp?id=4061&c=125&page=1&rnum=6

IKEA http://www.ikea.com/se/sv/catalog/products/70172470

ÅHLENS http://www.ahlens.se/heminredning/aktuellt_sortiment/forvaring/index.html

7 kommentarer:

Fazemos de Conta sa...

The first one is my favorite. It is very beautiful and so colorful. And its handles are so practical.
Have a nice sunday.

http://marjonsivuilut.blogspot.com/ sa...

I like Ikea´s basket! Light color and this model is good!

koralee sa...

Oh yes...yes...the first one! Sunday hugs my friend!

Ana Rivera sa...

Hi, Eva!
Your blog is very nice!

Tammie Lee sa...

I think I would choose the last basket because it looks smoother and would not catch the fibers of the yarn. I love baskets!

~*~ saskia ~*~ sa...

I love love baskets, cannot seem to ever have enough!
Have a sweet evening xxxx

Anonym sa...

Hei Eva.

Den første kurven ser virkelig ut som sukkertøy. Deilig med litt farger . Ellers får vi visst aldri nok kurver :)

Ha en fin dag.
Klem fra Ingunn :)