Friday poll: Which ring? Vilken ring?

I made a poll on kaboodle.com : Which of these rings wold you prefer for every-day use and coctail-parties? So, what do you think -Which one is your favorite: 1, 2 or no 3 ?

Jag har gjort en liten 'omröstning' på kaboodle.com: Vilken av dessa ringar blir din favorit? Så, vad tycker du: 1, 2 eller nummer 3 ?

Lovely weekend / Ha en fin helg

9 kommentarer:

Katta sa...

Underbara alla tre men trean blir min favorit. Ha en bra helg, kram Katta

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle sa...

Hard to chose, but I think the one of the far right. Happy Friday, hope you have a great weekend!

xo Mary Jo

petite hermine sa...

Voted! I like the one on the far right the most too :) But all of them are cute! I'd wear the red one for every-day use for a pop of color, the fancier one on the right for a cocktail party, and the left one for wearing to work :)

Bea sa...

Alla tre är vackra, men mina ögon fastnade på tvåan :)
Ha en fin helg! /Bea

Fazemos de Conta sa...

Hi Eva, it's very hard to choose just one, all are beautiful, but my favorite is number one.
Hugs and kisses

linnea-maria sa...

Åh trean gillar jag men alla är fina. Trean är mer festlig så att säga. Ha en underbar helg. /Therese

Sarah's Creations sa...

Alla tre är fina, men jag väljer nr ett.


Catherine sa...

They are all so very pretty but if I had to choose it would be the ring in the centre. I love red at the moment. xo

Lysanne sa...

nice rings!
The first ring en the third ring are my favourite, I can't chose