In my bowl today: Flowers!

In my bowl today there are flowers! Always in my creative space, I seem to have 'store-problems': baskets and tins are filled with stuff, and now I'm using 'candy-bowls' to put my crocheted flowers in!
This week I was happy to complete an order and send 42 bright colored flower appliques to Australia -so fun -and now I'm 'allowed' to crochet som more !!
You can find FLOWERS in My Etsy-shop

Zsazsazsu Saturday Shopping

4 kommentarer:

(eddas) sa...

Kjempesøte,gid jeg kunne hekle:)
ha en fin fin søndag

~*~ saskia ~*~ sa...

Your flowers are the prettiest, Eva. I love your idea of putting them all together in a bowl.
Happy Sunday xx

OnePerfectDay sa...

Such pretty flowers Eva!
It must be eternal spring around your house!

Rocio sa...

Your flowers look beautiful in the bowls! Great idea, so lovely!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!