Verdigris Patina Earrings

These earrings are made of adorable green oval laced filigree hoops with wonderful handmade verdigris patina
and carved leaves of rose quarts dangling together with a sea green swarovski crystal :
So feminine and vintage, and really a pleasure to make!

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7 kommentarer:

Elisa Day sa...

Otroligt vackra örhängen! Kram

Unknown sa...

very nice earrings^_^

OnePerfectDay sa...

These are very pretty!
I love that green colour of the patina.

Katta sa...

Lovley lovley! De blir så underbara i de färgerna ser verkligen vintage ut. Kram Katta

Pernilla, Lyst - Slow Living Fashion sa...

Jättefina örhängen, precis som allt du gör!
Inga med blåbärsinspiration i blått då? :)
Kram Pernilla

Mami Made It sa...

They are awesome! Love the patina. Wonderful work!

Angela sa...

I love the vintage look of these. Very nice!