My creative space: Pinchushion / Nåldyna

There's so much going on in my creative space right now... One sure friend of mine is my PINCUSHION ! This specific one I got as a gift from my grandmother when I was a teenager. I've always loved and cared of it. Really like the pattern -so folkloristic and in bright colors.

Så mycket på gång i mitt kreativa rum för tillfället. En av mina bästa vänner är min nåldyna, som jag använder dagligen. Jag fick den av min farmor för länge sedan, och jag har alltid varit rädd om den. Gillar skarpt det folkloristiska broderiet i vackra färger.
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5 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

Likes this folkloristic pincushion as well as the other stuff around!

OnePerfectDay sa...

It's great to have that kind of reminder of people around you.
It's very pretty.

Katta sa...

Gillar din nåldyna skarpt. Kram Katta

Unknown sa...

Very very nice^_^

Fazemos de Conta sa...

You are rigth Eva, this is lovely!
So beautiful colors.