My Creative space: Box

In my creative space I'm organizing -again! If you are a 'collector', and love pretty boxes of all kinds, you also have a chanse to get very much organized: Put all your small stuff in the beautiful boxes, and try to make some order in the creative chaos!
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7 kommentarer:

Amy McMillan sa...

They're adorable! Great for little bits and pieces or jewelry.. Could do with those actually.


Artfully Awear sa...

Lovely! Perfect organizing idea--thank you! :)

Kat McNally sa...

What a stylish way of storing your little treasures!

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams sa...

Lovely ... but your fab little flowers poking out at the end take the cake!!! So many and such pretty colors!

OnePerfectDay sa...

I love all those crochet flowers stacked in the box!!

Madeleine sa...

Ljuvliga askar! :D Jätteläckert!


Hej Eva!
Vilka härliga askar. Så fina att vill ha dem framma.
Önskar en trevlig helg.
Kram Ingrid