Downton Abbey

My no1 favorite on television right now: Downton Abbey

British romantic drama with love and many feelings .. wonderful costume drama ... nice environments, sooo nice! .. it costed a fortune to make!

Stars: Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael and Jim Carter


In Praise of Quiet Joys

Featured into this lovely paster treasury today, including many of my favorit items....made my day pastel soft!!


New Year party dress

So, there's a New Years party?!

Which outfit will be your favorite? I belive no.4 is most 'me', but no.3 is just adorable ..Love that teal color!!

Wish you all the best for 2012*Eva


White for Christmas!

Love these white flowers..so pretty and clean...
Flowers in my home will be all white for Christmas!


For Christmas..

*I don't want a lot for Christmas
There's just one thing I need *

Gorgeous fragrance, beautiful bottle -love the aqua seafoam color!!


New Shop-banner and Free shipping!

I'm so happy about my new banner at my Etsy-shop!
To celebrate I have Free International/ Worldwide shipping ,now through the end of the year!!!

Är så nöjd med den nya 'banderollen' i min Etsy-shop!
För att fira har jag fri frakt fom nu, hela året ut!


Twin candles /Andra ljuset

Second candel light is burning, and the jar is filled with some newmade biscuits!

Andra ljuset tänt och nybakade saffransskorpor i glasburken!


Favorit items on Etsy

This is a brand new mosaic of my favorit items on Etsy right now.
It's amazing how many talented artisans to find on Etsy, offering beautiful whimsical happy items..

You can always check out *My Favorits on Etsy*, at the right side of my blog.