Creative space: Mohair flowers and ribbons!

In my creative space right now, I'm trying some new ideas..
I try the combination mohair flowers together with ribbons. I like the blue and ivory white together. These are going to be Choker Necklaces, and you can simply tie them around your lovely neck!

Lite nya ideer testas: kombinationer med virkade mohairblommor och band. Band i silke och organza. Jag har fastnat för det ljuvligt blåa ihop med det creme-vita. Det här ska bli 'kraghalsband' som du knyter med en rosett runt halsen.

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Monday moodboard: spring

Today's Moodboard I'm featuring some spring, lightning and simplicity:

1. JurgitaMi 2. AleciaV 3. Sumikoshop 4. Kosmika

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Featured in Europe Treasuries!

Treasury: Europe Calling

Treaury: To know Europe..

Treasury: Rue de la Lune

This week is European Week at Etsy, and I'm so proud of being featured in such a lovely mosaics-Thanks!! (Which one is your fav?)
Have a lovely weekend all


My Creative space: Waiting

In my creative space today ....Waiting...I'm waiting for a order with very pretty beads (Czech glass beads: rounds, melons, faceted and trumpet flower beads) to come..Really look forward to get these 'sweets', that I just ordered from a little adorable Etsy-shop in Canada ..check it out -it's like a candy-store !!
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Tickled, Wishful, Pink Spring!!

Tickled Pink Treasury

Wishful Thinking Treasury

Yummy Spring Pastels Treasury

Thank you all so much for featuring my items into your lovely mosaics..
Have a lovely weekend!!


My Creative space: Box

In my creative space I'm organizing -again! If you are a 'collector', and love pretty boxes of all kinds, you also have a chanse to get very much organized: Put all your small stuff in the beautiful boxes, and try to make some order in the creative chaos!
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My Friend: Sara

Yes -it's still winter in Sweden -but it's getting more like spring! The days get lighter, and the pretty sun can almost warm your face a little bit!
My dear friend Sara is wearing a warm coat, a black cute hat with sparkling sequins and a great red scarf.


Monday Moodboard: Japan

We are many thinking of the people in Japan right now..
I wish I could calm the water, and I feel like playing a sad song..

1. Happyment 2. annarubyking 3. LaTouchables 4. fleurfatale

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Really crazy, and so lovely!!

Today I did something to brighten up my day, and I was so quick, I nearly surprised myself: I bought these lovely Earrings from SarahsCreationsEtsy !

I could't resist them, and it was so easy -just one click away..I really looking forward to get them dangling into my ears!

In return, as a seller on Etsy, I'll do the same..make some really good and joyful listings in a new category in my shop: Pay It Forward..It's about brighten up the day for someone else!

Idag gjorde jag något för att pigga upp mej själv! Det gick så fort och lätt, att jag nästan blev förvånad..Bara ett klick bort, och dessa underbart gröna örhängen från SarahsCreationsEtsy var mina! Jag längtar verkligen efter att ha dem dinglande i mina öron.

Som 'tack' kommer jag att på samma sätt lista några riktigt goda erbjudanden i min shop, under en ny kategori: Pay It Forward..för att göra någon annan riktigt glad!


My creative space: Pinchushion / Nåldyna

There's so much going on in my creative space right now... One sure friend of mine is my PINCUSHION ! This specific one I got as a gift from my grandmother when I was a teenager. I've always loved and cared of it. Really like the pattern -so folkloristic and in bright colors.

Så mycket på gång i mitt kreativa rum för tillfället. En av mina bästa vänner är min nåldyna, som jag använder dagligen. Jag fick den av min farmor för länge sedan, och jag har alltid varit rädd om den. Gillar skarpt det folkloristiska broderiet i vackra färger.
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Pots in pastels / Krukor i pastell

What can I say.. Pots Pastels
How many pots can tou have in a home..and in what colors?
Love these -they're just perfect! These comes in pastel green, pastel blue, pastel pink and ivory white.

Pictures taken at the Garden of Ulriksdal