Red Mood!

I'm in a red mood..longing for a lovely red bag -as I always seem to use only black bags!

Which one is the best: Dior, LouisVuitton or Åhlens?

..guess I have to check over my VisaGold-card before I decide!

3 kommentarer:

Fazemos de Conta sa...

Ah Eva, I love red bags, they are awesome!
I would like to have the first one, so beautiful, my God!

Unknown sa...

Jag bara älskar dina smycken. Häller också på med smycken men har aldrig hittat så fina hängen och ringstommar någonstans.Titta gärna in på min sida
Hälsningar Susanne

cabin + cub sa...

oh, do i just have to pick one favourite? i love bags (and shoes).. you can never have too many!