Tiny shimmer of gold

Right now there's 'a little bit of easy pace and thoughtfulness' in my creative space..
No big projects going on, not very much time or thoughts to spend in creating...I'm a bit busy about life, making important things that really matters, caring..
Hope to be back in creative mood soon

..so..I'm just trying to be surrounded by beautiful things for a moment:
Like these tiny golden seedbeads:
they make me happy in a special way!

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5 kommentarer:

Fay sa...

Ooh they are gorgeous.

OnePerfectDay sa...

They're so very pretty......


Hej Eva!
Viktiga beslut måste ibland tas utan avbrott av annat. Det kreativa väntar.
Kram Ingrid

~*~ saskia ~*~ sa...

Cute little treasures they are! xx

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka sa...

Hej Eva!

Det kreativa kan vänta lite men kom ihåg.... ...att det har en väldigt tröstande förmåga!
Jag hoppas att du hittar kraft både här och där!
Kramar och tankar